"Light is the task where many share the toil" ~ Homer

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Client/Customer ENGAGEMENT...

...is the KEY to Business Success Today; but launching and maintaining an effective Client Engagement campaign can be Expensive and Time Consuming. That is Until Now. 
Eterna Solutions is Excited to Share the most Innovative Perpetual Client Engagement Program that can Provide the ever growing Customer base every business needs and that is not only Affordable but actually Adds to their bottom line. 
Watch the Video Below and then Click the "Learn More" Button; And , as always, feel free to Contact us with any questions you may have about utilizing SplashPlay to Grow Your Business.  

ZERO% Processing...
How Much Would You Save???

Every time a customer uses their credit card to "earn 2% cash back" and/or "free miles", You are paying the customer to shop with You!

Eterna Solutions, through our Partner Company Providers Merchant Services is the #1 aSAAS System in the market that offers complete software and hardware solutions. These proprietary software and hardware (POS and/or stand alone Terminals) solutions eliminate your Credit Card processing fees forever all for a very small monthly flat fee.

Visit our Partner Site, submit your information and Discover Just How Much we can Add to Your Business's Bottom Line.

Business Cash-Flow

Every business, at some point or another, comes face to face with “Cash-flow Issues”and this happens for any number of reasons; primarily “the business cycle” of invoicing. We don’t know of any business that enjoys waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to be paid on their outstanding invoices but, sadly, that’s antiquated norm. Eterna Solutions through our extensive Partner Network of sound, proven and reputable Capital resource firms and programs we can help “Mom & Pop Shops”, Construction Companies, Medical Firms, Government Contractors, Distributors, Hiring Agencies and many more businesses secure the immediate Cash-flow they need to fuel their continued growth. Click Below And lets Start Building You Cash-Flow Solution Today.