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Posted by Eric Thomas on March 22, 2017 at 2:15 AM

The most costly action anyone can take on any matter that demands it is inaction. 
(and choosing Not to choose IS a choice.)

We humans are a strange lot when it comes to confronting the realization that, no, we don't know everything. Especially when it comes to such areas as Money or Finances, Health or Medicine, Law or anything "Legal". To be perfectly honest the reason is fear; fear of either coming off as "less intelligent" than we like to present or fear of the unknown and, well let's face it, anyone proficient in "professionalese" can be a little scary.

Yet here, as in most things in life, all too often, it is the fear of a situation that is far worse than the actual reality of the situation. And its also true that what you don't know will cost you in the long run. If there were a better way, a less costly way, a more enjoyable or less painful way to do something, anything wouldn't you want to know?

Don't let your fears or uncertainties keep you from enjoying a more fulfilling life. If you don't know the answer to a situation your facing Ask a Professional. That's what they're there for. 

"Why can't I save money?"
What are my legal liabilities here?"
"Should I get this looked at?"
"Is there a better way to _____ ?"

What ever the question is there are people out here who know the answer or can help you find the right answer for you. So please just Ask. You'll be better for it.

Oh a couple more things to consider;
No web searches cannot provide you the answers to your specific situation and

Its a fool who thinks they alone have the answers to everything. ;-) 

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