"Light is the task where many share the toil" ~ Homer

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95% of All Personal Financial Emergencies  Cost LESS Than $5000

Unexpected Major Auto Repairs~An "Out of Pocket" Medical Cost~Unforeseen Unemployment~ An Insurance Deductible~Funeral Costs etc. etc...


Yet it's "Life's Little Surprises" that Keep Most Americans From Achieving Financial Security!

  • Not Only the Immediate Costs of Meeting Financial Emergencies (The Actual Amount of $$$ it takes)
  • But the Added Cost of Paying for the Means of Doing so. (Credit Card, Short Term Loan, "Pay Day"or "Title" Loan Interests Costs)
  • Not to mention the Physical and Emotional impact of the Added Stress that these added costs can have on anyone.


And Why Does This Happen Everyday to So Many Americans?

Its Because We Don't "Save For A Rainy Day"
For Any Myriad of the Reasons Most Americans do not Save for "An Emergency Fund".
The Primary Reason being that most are living "Paycheck to Paycheck", Are Already Paying Off Consumer Debt and, understandably, feel that they "Can't afford to Save." 
But It's This Mentality That Actually Keeps Them From Achieving Financial Stability.

But "What IF" There were a Program that would "Turn the Tables In Your Favor and make it to where You Couldn't Afford Not to Save?
A Program That Would:

Provide You and Your Family Access to the money necessary to meet any "Financial Emergency" And the Advocacy to do so at the least possible cost;
Provide You the Means and Motivation to Reduce Your Day to Day Cost of Living; 
Help You Get Control and Effectively Manage every aspect of Your Financial Life; 
Connected You With a Community of Like Minded People Dedicated To Your Financial Success
Provides "Added Perks" to simply Enhance Your Quality of Life
All While You Save For Your Own Emergency Fund. 
And Did So at a Very Affordable Cost to You. (in fact it virtually more than pays for itself)

In Short; Putting You On the Track to Financial Freedom
While Shielding You From The Financial Pitfalls of  "Life's Little Surprises"

If You Can See the Value that Such A Program Would Have In the Your Financial Life 
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